writing about 3 event

Assignments instruction:
We attended 3 events

The 1st one was to watch the movie Man of La Mancha (1972). The movie is the American version of the novel Don Quixote.
Here is the website to watch the movie


The 2nd event was to watch the movie Don Kikhot (1957). The movie is the Soviet version of the Don Quixote novel .
Here is the link to watch the movie


The 3rd event was a lecture we attended and Professor Gomez talked about the reason why there is many versions of Don Quixote story.

want you to start from the 3rd event and talk about the reasons why there is many versions of Don Quixote story. Then I want you to watch the 2 different versions of the movie and make comparison between them. Also what you learned, what did you like, and what did you dislike, etc.

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