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Required Format for Research Proposal
• All proposals should be printed on white A4 paper on ONE SIDE ONLY.
• Use only Times New Roman font, 12 point in size, in black ink only. No other fonts, point sizes or colours are acceptable.
• Use standard 1 inch (2.54cm) margins for the top, bottom, left and right. All proposals should be 1.5 LINE SPACED.
• All proposals MUST have a SIGNED Assignment Submission Form attached to the front page. These are available for download from Webcourses. DO NOT EMAIL PROPOSALS TO THE LECTURERS. These will be not be accepted under any circumstances.
• Page numbers should be placed in the bottom right-hand corner.
• Do not use any binding mechanism (spiral etc). Simply staple the assignment in the top left hand corner. Do not place proposals in any kind of plastic sleeve or folder.
• All proposals should be written in grammatically correct sentences. Ensure that you have run the essay through a spell-checking device, but be aware that spell checkers do not catch all mistakes and that you need to carefully check all sentences. In addition, all proposals should be thoroughly proofread before submission.
• Research proposals MUST be appropriately referenced using the American Psychological Association (APA) style of referencing which is a derivative of the Harvard referencing system. Please pay attention to the Faculty of Business Style Guide. The List of References should be attached to the assignment. ONLY sources that have actually been cited in the essay should be included in the reference list.

Submission of Assessment
• All written proposals must be accompanied by a signed Assignment Cover Sheet, which is available to download on Webcourses.
• A hardcopy of the research proposal must be submitted to the Assignment Submission Box in the secretary’s office of your relevant school, by the nominated due date and time. Sign in sheets will be available. Submissions may be submitted BEFORE this time. Proposals should never be handed directly to your lecturer.
• Research Proposals must also be submitted electronically via SafeAssignment (View/Complete link) on Webcourses. DO NOT SUBMIT VIA THE DIGITAL DROPBOX. Submissions placed in the Digital Dropbox will be deleted and are NOT recorded as received.

Extensions are only granted for genuine reasons that are regarded as exceptional. Please note that poor time management does not constitute an acceptable reason and students may be asked to produce their work to date before an extension is considered.

Penalties for Late Submission of Assessment
DIT has a specific policy on late submission of assessment items. These apply to coursework items for which no extension has been granted;
• Proposals submitted late without an approved extension will receive up to a deduction of 20% if they are received within one week of the due date and time.
• Proposals received between one and two weeks after the due date will have 40% deducted from the final grade.
• Proposals received more than two weeks late will not be accepted and a failing grade will be recorded.

Marking Criteria
A sample marking sheet, and guidelines, is available on Webcourses.

Plagiarism is entirely unacceptable at DIT. Please familiarise yourselves with the DIT Policy on Plagiarism and note in particular that accidental or unintentional plagiarism is not considered a valid excuse for plagiarism. You should also be aware that in signing the assignment cover sheet you are confirming that the work contained therein is your own work except where appropriately cited. If your work is found to contain plagiarism, it means that you have willingly and knowingly lied in your signed statement. This is an explicit case of intellectual fraud and academic integrity. If you are unsure what plagiarism is or are concerned about how to reference, please feel free to consult the lecturer or Module Coordinator.

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