Topic: A case study of Corranderrk.

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Assessment Task 1 – Corenderrk – Case Study (500 words) 30%
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A case study of Corranderrk.

Core Readings:

The Coranderrk Inquiry –
Truganini & George Augustus Robinson –
Processes of Decolonisation –

Aunty Joy Murphy Wandin: Coranderrk –
Lecture Content – Task/Instructions

Students are required to write a case study on this episode of SBS’s First Australians – Episode 3 ‘Coranderrk’. This lesson is focusing on the period and issues of the Protection Period for Aboriginal people. Your case study should talk about process from a missionary period run mission to an era of protection where government policy and the Aboriginal Board of Protection laws, rules and regulations came into play. What where these changes? How did the effect the Aboriginal people of Coranderrk? What did the Aboriginal people of Corranderrk do about it? What was their relation with the first Missionary Corranderrk? How did they survive on the mission? What happened to the Aboriginal people and mission of Coranderrk?

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Essential Reading:

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