Research Methods – Full Lab Report using SPSS


Research Methods – Full Lab Report using SPSS

Lab Report


We learned how to create and modify variables in SPSS.

For this lab report, you are a crime analyst for a state level agency concerned with criminal justice research and crime. Working with a partner, your assignment is to conduct an exploratory survey measuring background information and attitudes towards a criminal justice topic of interest. For this lab report, you must brainstorm a criminal justice topic that you feel affects citizen’s perceptions towards crime or how their local criminal justice agencies are functioning. Next, you will create a Likert scale that measures attitudes and perceptions on your topic of choice. Finally, input your data to SPSS and write a report on how the process went as well as reporting on some basic statistics.

Write your report in APA format

Items to include:

1. In order to complete the assignment, you need to write an introduction explaining why your topic is important to stakeholders or other people.

2. In the second part, you should review some peer-reviewed criminal justice related articles, preferably journal articles related to your topic and summarize what they found (at least 2 articles)

3. Use the scales.pdf document to create your own Likert scale survey along with other questions you find relevant.

4. Administer your survey to 10 or more people.

5. Enter your variables into SPSS and then enter your data. Write about at least one preliminary result of at least one survey question and whether it confirms or is contrary to what you thought prior to the survey.

6. For this lab assignment, write a personal reflection on how people responded to your survey and how you think you could improve your study in any way possible, whether it is the sample or types of questions, etc.

Outline of Report:

1. Introduction

2. Literature Summary

3. Reflection

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