Health and safety


Health and safety

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HMI is about designing equipment that fits the human body and its cognitive abilities. “The spatial arrangement of stove hotplates and associated controls and linkages has been of concern to ergonomists. Most research on stove layout has been with hotplates in a square arrangement” [1]. “In this study, two different approaches were used to determine preferred arrangements”. Both are based on the analysis of the results from surveying subjects, and they both show the importance of spatial congruence between hotplate and control for obtaining preferred designs having high compatibility, which are superior from an ergonomics viewpoint.

“In the ï¬Ârst, one group of participants were given locations of controls and asked to place hotplates; a second group was given hotplate locations and asked to place controls. In each case, linkages were to be indicated. In the second approach, drawings of stove layouts with controls and linkages were given. Scales of preference of control/hotplate layouts were established. Arrangements having high spatial congruence between hotplate and controls were nominated and most preferred by participants in the ï¬Ârst approach. In the second approach, it was found possible to discriminate between arrangements that had high spatial congruence and high compatibility between hotplate and control and, hence, to determine ‘best’ designs in terms of participant preferences” [1].

Before attempting to answer the following questions, you are required to study the paper by Hoffman and Chan [1] and understand the conducted experiments and the reported analysis, statistics and results.

Question 1:

a) Explain the meaning and importance of compatibility and congruence.

b) What Human Factors and Ergonomics principles and concepts are implicated?

Question 2:

a) Chose the “best” design in terms of your preference from the results of the experiment with the second group and discuss the criteria for your choice.

b) Are there further HMI improvements that you may suggest?.


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