Assignment 1: Critical Response Paper


Assignment 1: Critical Response Paper (15%)

In this assignment, you’re expected to demonstrate the following skills:
 Analyzing and critiquing texts for audience, purpose, motivation, and content
 Following academic writing conventions for structure, style, and reasoning
 Citing sources using the APA style in text and references
 Organizing responses to the assigned articles using clear thesis/ statement,
paragraphs, supporting details, and conclusion
 Writing clearly, coherently, and correctly
Assignment Description
Write an academic paper (900 -1200 words) in response to the views discussed in
“Distraction” and “How Evil Is Tech?”
 Audience: Educated readers who are interested in fair, unbiased, and
substantiated discussions on important social issues
 Purpose: To move your audience to accept your view points
 Style: Formal, third-personal, and academic
 Format: APA style for paper format and citation
Specific Requirements
To complete this assignment, you need to:
1. Follow the standard structure for academic papers as taught in class
2. Create a title page as shown in APA@conestoga
3. Introduce and cite the three sources using APA format
4. Complete the prewriting/outline for this assignment in class
5. Complete the entire paper for submission as required

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